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    Participate in daily HR activities, including mostly: recruitment & training, C&B, implement and built policy and procedure, report making and other task as per Board of Management’s requirements.


    1. Development of HR Department
    · Implement and develop HR policies and program.
    · Monitors administration to establish standards and procedures.
    · Identifies improvement and resolves any discrepancies.
    · Selects and monitors external recruitment vendors, payroll software vendors, insurers, travel agents and training institutes.
    · Involve in budgeting for HR related costs.

    2. Employment & Training

    · Plan, develop and implement a strategy for effective training and development for all positions.

    · Liaise with all department heads to understand all necessary aspects and needs of HR development, and to develop an effective training program to meet those needs.

    • Develop an evaluation system and metric that effectively measures the performance of every position in the company.
    • Plan, develop and implement a strategy, which promotes and maintains the desired company culture of positive, proactive, attentive and caring.

    3. Compensation & Benefit /Social insurance
    · Assists with the monitoring of company wage and salary structure, pay policies.
    · Oversee payroll administration, ensuring compensation policies are properly followed (relating to conditional allowance, poor performance deductions, overtime, variable compensation).

    · Ensure tax and all social benefits are administered according to company policy.

    · Monitor any variance between the budgeted and actual salaries and headcount.

    · Maintain a database of benchmark salaries and benefits.

    · Compile all data needed for the annual salary review, and the annual performance appraisal analysis.
    · Ensure the compliance of the payroll with local regulations.

    4. Organization Management
    · Recommends employee relations practices necessary to establish a positive employer‐employee relationship and promote high level of employee morale and motivation.
    · Manage and report hiring, retirement and attendance.
    · Cooperate with regional administration and try to get updated information always.
    · Ensure company workforce standard is in accordance with the government laws and requirement.

    Working location: Ninh So Industrial zone, Ninh So ward, Thuong Tin dist., Hanoi


    · Bachelor degree in Human resources management, Business management, Law or related fields.

    · At least 5 years’ experience in same position.

    · Experience in factory with 100 employees and above

    · Strong experience in EHS, ISO, 5s…..

    · Fluent in English (Compulsory). Knowing French is a big advantage.

    · Good team- work player.

    · Hard- working, well organized.

    · Proficient in Work, Excel, PPT.

    Remuneration: TBD
    Please send your CV/resume and cover letter to hr.hn@openasiagroup.com, phuong.tt1@openasiagroup.com, and huyen.tt@openasiagroup.com
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