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  1. Kumon VN

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    About the company:
    The Kumon organization is a leading provider of supplementary education with over 26,000 study centers in operation around the world. We have been helping children develop maths and language skills for over 50 years and are now operating study centers in over 46 countries. Over 4 million children world-wide study with Kumon each and every day.
    With Kumon Viet Nam’s vision: “Nurturing Life Skills, Inspiring The Nation”, we have expectation that all our staffs who come from all walks of life will share a passion for education, and the desire to help children achieve their full potential and in turn contribute to the global community. From that, we will fulfill our mission: “Nurture the young, sound and capable generation who lives life to the fullest and, in turn, leads the nation to breakthrough”.
    Kumon Viet Nam, a part of Kumon organization, was found on 2006. Up to now, we have 13 centers in Ho Chi Minh City. Now, we are developing and expanding to open Kumon centers in Ha Noi and other areas in Viet Nam.
    Company size:

    Job title: C&B Member
    Job description:
    1. Take care of social, health and unemployment insurance for employee
    2. Work with Social Insurance department
    3. Claim any benefit relating to insurance for staffs, such as sick leave, child-caring leave, maternity leave (if any)
    4. Take care of welfare issues, manage the annual health check
    5. Prepare documents for new and renewal contract
    6. Contact staffs then conduct contract meeting
    7. Prepare documents for Trade Union, contact Trade Union members for meeting
    8. Others tasks assigned by Leader
    - Working time: Mon to Fri, 09:00 – 18:00
    - Working place: 14th Floor, Vincom center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Dist. 1
    - Bachelor Degree of HR or relevant major
    - 1 - 2 years working experience in C&B (especially social, health and unemployment insurance control)
    - Sensitive to numbers
    - Confidential, truthful, careful and friendly
    - Independent and resourceful
    - Be able to work under pressure
    - Eager to learn
    - Fluent at English (writing, speaking, listening and reading)
    - Good at Microsoft office
    - Good communication and presentation skill
    - Have good planning skill, solving problem skill
    - Familiar with office appliances
    How To Apply:
    If you are interested in applying for the above position please send CVs in English via email:
     Please fill email subjects is: KV – HR – Candidates’ name
    * Notes:
    - Candidates must mention recruitment code (HRLink – Candidates’ name) on email subject and CV’s profile.
    - Application should include: Cover letter with your desired salary and CV attached your 3x4 photo
    - Please kindly not send under zip file
    - Deadline: 25/07/2013

    Please kindly refer ( for more information.
    Thank you for your consideration!

    Kumon VN
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