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  1. phaletim

    phaletim New Member

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    Tài liệu rất hữu ích. Cám ơn bạn nhiều nhé.
  2. poppet

    poppet New Member

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    QUOTE(Chú Thích)(myduyenhuynh @ Nov 6 2008, 05:05 PM)

    Hệ thống mô tả công việc

    Cảm ơn anh rất nhiều!
  3. anhducit1986

    anhducit1986 New Member

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    QUOTE(Chú Thích)(kinhcan @ Nov 7 2008, 11:19 AM)

    Cám ơn bạn! Xin được phép diễn giải file nén để cả nhà cùng dễ nắm bắt:

    1. Mo ta cong viec phong marketing
    1.1 Mo ta cong viec Giam doc marketing
    1.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien marketing
    1.3 Mo ta cong viec phu trach truyen thong
    1.4 Mo ta cong viec quan ly thuong hieu

    2. Mo ta cong viec phong kinh doanh
    2.1 Mo ta cong viec giam doc ban hang
    2.2 Mo ta cong viec truong kenh dai ly
    2.3 Mo ta cong viec giam sat ban hang dai ly
    2.4 Mo ta cong viec truong kenh sieu thi
    2.5 Mo ta cong viec giam sat ban hang sieu thi
    2.6 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien ban hang sieu thi
    2.7 Mo ta cong viec truong kenh ban le
    2.8 Mo ta cong viec cua hang truong
    2.9 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien ban hang
    2.10 Mo ta cong viec Truong nhom kinh doanh
    2.11 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien kinh doanh
    2.13 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien CSKH

    3. Mo ta cong viec phong cung ung
    3.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong cung ung
    3.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien vat tu
    3.3 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien giao nhan

    4. Mo ta cong viec phong nhan su
    4.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong nhan su
    4.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien nhan su
    4.3 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien hanh chanh
    4.4 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien bao tri
    4.5 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien bao ve

    5. Mo ta cong viec Phong ke toan
    5.1 Mo ta cong viec Giam doc tai chinh
    5.2 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan truong
    5.3 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan tong hop
    5.4 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan cong no
    5.5 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan ngan hang
    5.6 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan hang hoa
    5.7 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan kho
    5.8 Mo ta cong viec Ke toan XDCB và TSCD
    5.9 Mo ta cong viec nghiep vu thue

    6. Quy che to chuc phong ke hoach
    6.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong ke hoach
    6.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien ke hoach
    6.3 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien thong ke
    6.4 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien XNK
    Truong Phong Ke Hoach

    7. Mo ta cong viec bo phan ky thuat san xuat
    7.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong ky thuat
    7.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien ky thuat
    7.3 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien lam mau

    8. Mo ta cong viec xuong san xuat
    8.1 Mo ta cong viec Quan doc
    8.2 Mo ta cong viec To truong san xuat
    8.3 Mo ta cong viec cong nhan san xuat
    8.4 Mo ta cong viec tho phu
    Quan Doc phan xuong

    9. Mo ta cong viec phong QA
    9.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong QA
    9.2 Mo ta cong viec KCS nguyen vat lieu
    9.3 Mo ta cong viec KCS san pham
    9.4 Mo ta cong viec KCS final

    10. Mo ta cong viec phong bao tri
    10.1 Mo ta cong viec Truong phong bao tri
    10.2 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien bao tri
    10.3 Mo ta cong viec nhan vien tho dien

    Bộ tài liệu rất hay...cảm ơn các Pro!
  4. anhkieuanh

    anhkieuanh New Member

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    QUOTE(Chú Thích)(myduyenhuynh @ Nov 6 2008, 05:05 PM)

    Hệ thống mô tả công việc

  5. bibonht

    bibonht New Member

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    Tài liệu MTCV hay quá, tks bạn
  6. bibonht

    bibonht New Member

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    Anh cho em xin bản mô tả công việc của lái xe với ạ, em cảm ơn anh.
  7. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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  8. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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  10. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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  11. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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  12. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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  13. Sninnyphozy

    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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    Sninnyphozy Guest

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