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    Tan Hiep Phat Group - the leading company in Viet Nam’s beverage market with the famous products as O° Green Tea, Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea, Number 1 Energy Drink, Number 1 Soya Milk, Number 1 Vitamin, Lemon Number 1 Energy Drink ….which are produced in the most modern manufacture line system and technology in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia.
    You have the heart with work? You work with the spirit of “Nothing in impossible” and with the motto “Today must be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow”. Let‘s join Tan Hiep Phat Group to get more experiences and contribute the energies for the common benefit, for the sustainable development of the company.

    - Prepare PR plan and strategy for brands
    - Prepare PR plan and strategy for all THP events
    - Prepare PR articles and Group messages to provide for press and others Organization
    - Prepare and update to THP website about the corporate information concerned
    - Collect the news and information related to THP and its brands
    - Dealing with external stakeholder related to crisis management
    - Keep the good relationship with reporters and press
    - Keep the good relationship with coordinators
    - Supervise the Contracts of the department
    - Work as senior requests


    - Từ này bị hạn chế: Male or female; Age: at least 30 years old; Health: good health status
    - Education/Profession: Graduated university or college or trade school
    - Language/Computer skill: Speak English fluently, office computer
    - Competences/ Skills: System commutation and arrangement
    - Years of working experience: at least 3 years of working experience.


    - Receiving salary and bonus based on performances. Wage policy ensure internal fairness and competitive in market.
    - Promotion policies for qualified staff and professional achievement.
    - Expand training opportunities for each staff, training and development is gradually becoming real benefits in THP.
    - Personnel’s health care regime.
    - 13th month salary.
    - Receiving full interests in labor law: social insurance, medical insurance, annual leave, national holidays…

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