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    Điểm thành tích:
    1. Position: Business Development / Sales Executive

    2. Description:
    - Planning and setting targets
    - Routine calls
    - Sourcing new clients
    - Sales calls
    - Issuing proposals
    - Issuing contracts
    - Liaising with clients
     Details:
    - Reports to: Vendor Sales Management
    - Major duties and responsibilities:
    + Market Analysis: Carries out the Market/ Competitor analysis. Map out strategic positioning of company’s product and price.
    + Understand customers’ choices and decision making process.
    + Marketing/Sales Plan: Develop a marketing plan with supervision from immediate supervisor.
    + Marketing/ Sales program development: Implementation and execution.
    + Sales Tools: Lead in conceiving and creating sales tools such as web-site, e-brochures, brochures, email advertising, etc.
    + Direct participation in Networking/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Exhibitions and customer visits etc… towards sales prospective.
    + Assist in advertising and PR campaigns.
    + Monthly sales forecasting and reporting.
    + Customer database management and reporting.
    + Responding to customer phone calls and email enquiries.
    + Obtain competitive intelligence.
    + Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

    3. Required Skills:
    - Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    - Proficiency in English
    - Good computer skills (MS office)
    - Able to work independently and as part of a team.
    - Minimum of two years experience in a similar position
    - Proven sales life cycle experience - lead generation through business closing
    - Proven track record in achieving sales targets
    - Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
    - Effective time management skills
    - Flexible time management

    4. Salary: Base salary and commissions

    5. Benefits
    - Have opportunity to work in the developing industry, Be facilitated to learn, affirm and develop yourself
    - Join our team with business culture: “Expertrans- The second home “Have high promotion ability when the company is planning for strong development in international market.
    - Become the key personnel for the start-up of Expertrans business with ambitious aim
    - Thirteenth salary month and enjoy revenue and welfare regimes of the company
    - Can update and get close to different languages, people and cultures.
    - Other regimes and welfares under Vietnam’s Labor Law

    6. Deadline: 15/8/2013

    If you think you have what it takes to succeed in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, send your CV,
    Salary requirements and availability details to recruitment@expertrans.net
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