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  1. smilehien

    smilehien New Member

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    Job Description

    1. Recruitment:

    - Organize and co-ordinate effective recruiting and orientation programs from time to time.

    - Recruit, interview and select employee to fill vacant position in factory in accordance with company’s operating procedure.

    - Make recommendations to Plant Manager for employing new staff after interview successful.

    - Develop and update job description for positions in factory.

    2. Training and development:

    - Design, plan, organize and direct orientation and training for employees

    - Monitor, evaluate and record training activities and program effectiveness.

    - Offer specific training programs to help workers maintain or improve job skills.

    - Assess training needs through surveys, interviews with employees or consultation with managers, instructors

    - Monitor training costs to ensure budget is not exceeded, and prepare budget reports to justify expenditures.

    - Execute HR transactions such as promotion, transfer, performance, review and termination.

    3. Employee relation:

    - Consulting, employee activities, rewarding, disciplinary actions. and in resolving employee grievances and appeals

    - Give information to employee to have a better understanding of management's goals, regulation and policies

    - Advise employee about their grievance and appeal rights and discrimination.

    - Organize and manage internal employee activities and events.


    • University degree in Law, Business Administration, English or similar.

    • Good knowledge of Vietnamese Labor Law.

    • At least 4 year(s) experience in HR in which 3 years experience in a similar position with a foreign company or JV.

    • Good command of English and familiar with Microsoft Office Applications.

    Contact information

    Hien Nguyen

    email: nth@pebsteel.com.vn
  2. vyhq2005

    vyhq2005 Member

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    Chi Hien oi,

    Em nghe nguoi quen cua em noi ve chi nhieu ma em dau biet chi cung tham gia trong cong dong nhan su nay dau.

    Nghe noi chi rat la de thuong, em cung dang o VT ne. Hien tai thi em cung dang lam trong mang HR nen thay rang dien dan nay rat la huu ich vi minh duoc hoc hoi cung rat nhieu.

    Khi nao chi em minh gap nhau duoc khong chi? Em co nguoi quen biet ve chi do nghen.


    So dt lien lac cua em la 0913 377784. Neu co the thi chi cho em co hoi gap may ACE trong cong dong nha chi.


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