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    I. Job description

    - Responsibility for Contract with candidates to German.

    - Report to General Director all matters relating to recruitment.

    - In charge of all recruitment matters in Vietnam office.

    - Advise General Manager on best practice recruitment and selection.

    - Prepare job description for all positions and recruit employees.

    - Work with Social network (FB, Instagram, Vietnamwork, ect…) to find the best way for recruiting people to work in Germany.

    - Develop new recruitment channel.

    - Contact with Center, University, and Academy to recruit people to work in Germany.

    - Contact and work with University, Colleges, Job centers for support if having hiring request.

    - Develop and maintain an effective recruitment advertising program for the purpose of maintaining high visibility with potential recruitment channels.

    - Arrange and make an appointment with candidates and cooperators.

    - Make and advertise for Company, find a new way to PR Company.

    - Become one of representative person of company for outside and inside.

    - Design or revise application form relating to German Visa Application for candidates.

    - Screen application forms and shortlist applicants.

    - Make hiring report status, issue HR report.

    - Survey salary and labor market.

    - Follow full recruitment process of company.

    - Work with Agency, headhunter.

    - Exercise delegated right and perform delegated duties honestly and diligently.

    - To assure the lawful interests of the company.

    - Be loyal to the interests of the company, do not use information, know-how or business opportunity of the company; do not abuse the employee’s position and power nor to use assets of the Company for personal benefit.

    - Perform other obligations stipulated by law and company’s regulation.

    - Work together with company’s accountant and Law Company.

    - Have responsibility to take care all assets of Company.

    - Work closely with General Manager and other staffs.

    - Work with Supplier Company and cooperated companies.

    - Perform other related tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor or manager.

    II. Job requirements

    - Working hour: 8 hours/ day;

    - Work place: Da Nang and other provinces (business trip);

    - Having at least 5 years in similar position.

    - 30 – 40 years old, have good health;

    - Honestly, with a sense of responsibility, carefulness and patience.

    - English: advanced.

    - German is priority

    III. Welfare:

    - Fulltime staff, work in Germany environment;

    - Insurance according to regulations;

    - Annual leaves: 1 day/ week;

    - Lunch allowance, uniform allowance;

    - Salary: negotiation

    IV. Expiry date to send CV: July 21st. 2019

    V. Contact information: please send your CV through email: y.van@osterhof.de

    Or directly at: 36/9B Le Duan, Da Nang

    - Tel: 02363 22 10 87
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