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    Our History
    Huizhou Zhongbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the customization of precision sheet metal stamping parts, which specializes in providing services to some customers with higher quality requirements around the world. Located in Guangdong Province, China. Is a manufacturer of precision metal stamping parts for R&D mold manufacturing.
    Over the years of operation, we have gradually formed a comprehensive engineering and technical team, including structural engineers, process engineers, mold engineers, quality engineers, and experienced technical workers, which can provide customized precision sheet metal stamping parts for various industries The right solution.
    Our Factory
    Our mold department has all the equipment needed for mold processing, and can design and manufacture various metal stamping dies very quickly. We have more than 30 punching machines, including slow wire, computer gongs, precision grinders, laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, various welding equipment, etc. We are good at using automated mass production of various customized sheet metal stamping parts.
    We have all the equipment for making stamping dies, as well as a stamping die design and production team composed of process engineers, mold engineers and mold making technicians.
    In many aspects of mold making, we have optimized the manufacturing process based on experience. Therefore, we can manufacture various stamping dies very quickly.
    Zhongbaoxin's main business is all kinds of aluminum, stainless steel, precision metal stamping parts, CNC lathe computer gong processing, precision car treatment equipment, plates, metal plate decorations, shrapnel, etc. Our production equipment is excellent, with complete precision measurement equipment. The development and production customization experience allows us to restore according to your needs, focus and quality, and reduce customer costs.Our Product
    Product Application
    Our products are widely used in medical, equipment, communications, transportation, automobiles, aviation, rail transit, automation, electronics, etc.
    Production Equipment
    In addition, we also have laser cutting, wire cutting, CNC bending machines, CNC machining centers and other equipment to quickly manufacture sheet metal stamping parts samples. Before manufacturing molds, we can quickly manufacture prototype samples for customers to test, and wait until the test is qualified. Manufacturing molds.CNC Turning Company factory

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