high precision swiss type cnc lathe cost

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    Our History
    Nanjing Jianke Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993 which focuses on producing Swiss-type automatic lathe for the production of small, complex and long shaft precision metal components all the time.
    Till now, we have three series of Swiss CNC lathe, Z series銆丮 series and W series which could satisfy the international needs from different fields: aerospace, military, medical, auto parts, etc.
    All JIANKE machines are based on the latest technology and components, such as spindle bearings, guide rail and servo motors are directly from top famous suppliers. Casting bed and components are machined by our own factory to ensure excellent quality.
    Based on the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first",Jianke is committed to providing reliable products, perfect service, professional solution.
    Our Factory
    Nearly 80 staff and 5 workshops, the factory occupies about 20000 square meters.
    The monthly production output reaches 30 units of lathe. For each lathe, from the beginning to the final completion, testing and measuring records are kept.
    Most of the spare parts are made inside factory to make sure they could satisfy quality standard.
    Our Product
    ZR20-3 II ZR20-5 II MA25-3 II MA25-5 II/MA25-6 II MR32-5 II/MR32-6 II WR20-9 II
    Product Application
    Aerospace, military, medical implants, auto parts, musical instrument, home appliance.
    Our Certificate
    ISO9001, CE, SGS .
    Production Equipment
    Vertical machining center, CNC planer type milling machine, surface grinding machine,etc.
    Production Market
    Most of our products are sold to Russia, Middle east, South America, Southeast Asia.
    Our Service
    鈼?Before Sales
    1.Technical consultation and answers
    2. Provide lathe performance and configuration 3.Quality Guarantee and spare parts for maintenance.
    鈼?On Sale
    1. Online technical support
    2. Cost price spare parts
    鈼?After Sales
    1. Online technical support
    2. Cost price spare parts 3.Regularly email, telephone visit clientshigh precision swiss type cnc lathe cost

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