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    Series锛?Heavy Type Six Axes Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine KingDragon T706 Series
    Main Items锛歍706.MAX.6535F Series/ T706.PRO.9035F Series/T706.PRO.12035F Series
    Processing Range锛圠*W锛夛細
    Circular Tube桅20-350mm x L6500mm/ Square Tube鈻?5*15-300*300mm x L6500mm/ rectangular Tube鈻璂iagonal鈮?50mm x L6500mm
    Circular Tube桅20-350mm x L9000mm/ Square Tube鈻?5*15-300*300mm x L9000mm/ rectangular Tube鈻璂iagonal鈮?50mm x L9000mm
    Circular Tube桅20-350mm x L12000mm/ Square Tube鈻?5*15-300*300mm x L12000mm/ rectangular Tube鈻璂iagonal鈮?50mm x L12000mm
    Working Range锛圶/Y/Z/A+B axis锛夛細6520/400/190mm/Infinite rotating銆?020/400/190mm/Infinite rotating銆?2020/400/190mm/Infinite rotating
    X/Y axis Positioning Accuracy锛毬?.03mm/m
    X/Y axis Repositioning Accuracy锛毬?.03mm
    Max Speed锛?0m/min
    Max Acceleration锛?.6G
    Machine Body Type锛欻igh rigidity square tube structure machine body design
    Worktable Type锛歋tandard
    Grade Positioning Classification锛歁AX: Advanced Type锛汳AX PLUS锛欵nhanced Version of Advanced Type
    Optional Laser Power Range锛?000~6000W
    Optional Laser Head Brand锛歎SA IPG锛沀K TERKKIN锛汣N MAX/RAYCUS
    Core Device Configuration锛歍aiwan Type/ Japanese Type
    Laser Cutting Head Features锛欰utomatic Focusing銆丄ctive Anti-Collision銆丗ollow-up Tracking Levitation銆丠igh Speed Fly Cutting銆丅right Surface Cutting Effect
    Features and Technical Highlights锛歍hree groups of chuck, zero tailing left after cutting, side hanging, automatic loading and unloading( optinoal) ,loading and cutting carried out simultaneously,6/9/12 meter overlength workpiece, claw precisely self-adaption, double pneumatic reducer support frame, active defense system, automatic rectifying centering, safety anti-collision grille, one-key resume if power off
    Display Type锛?7銆丠D銆乀ouch Screen
    Operate System锛歍ERKKIN FUTURE Y
    Remote Controller Type锛欼ntelligent Remote Controller
    Total Power Protection Grade锛欼P54
    Large Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    Product Description
    Free Your Hands, Enjoy Auto Focus
    * Auto - focus
    鈥pplicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.
    * Free
    鈥ree you hands, Focal length is controlled by operating system. We don鈥檛 need to do manual regulation, which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.
    * Fast
    鈥erforation time is short, 90% of perforation time is saved锛汿ERKKIN Laser improved new process so that the perforation is not affected by the material quality and achieve perfect cutting with the best cutting section; saving cutting gas and electricity, saving cost.
    When replacing different materials or different thicknesses sheet, manual focus laser head needs to adjust focal length
    manually, very inefficient; auto focus laser head can read system storage parameters automatically, very efficient;
    * Accuracy
    鈥ncreasing perforation focus length, separately setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length, enhance cutting accuracy.
    * Durable
    鈥uilt-in double water-cooling structures can ensure constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, avoid lenses overheating and extend service life of lenses. Increasing collimation protective lens and focus protective lens, carefully protect key components.
    What processing materials are suitable for cutting machine?
    Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc plate, pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.
    The normal package is plastic film or pack it according to customers special request.
    The goods are usually delivered by FCL or LCL to protect the machine.Shiping is the first choice.Laser Machine

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