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    Job Description
    MOCAP Vietnam Join Stock Company is a combination of MITSUI & CO., LTD.; MOSHI MOSHI HOTLINE INC. and SMART MEDIA and targets to become one of the largest contact center companies in Vietnam and Asia Pacific. We provide international standard services on contact center outsourcing, business process outsourcing and consultancy service to our customers, enterprises.
    We transfer knowledge and bring strong management capacity to Viet Nam to help Vietnamese dynamic and young people having excellent working environment and grow up; support companies to do their own business efficiently and simply.
    We are looking for qualified and young people for the following position based in Hanoi:
    Database Administrator: 01 person

    1. Pre-requisites
    - University degree in Information Technology.
    - Have experiences in Linux/Windows operating system.
    - Have intensive skills and experiences in Databases including MySQL and MS.SQL.
    (*** Expected salary in the job application is our request ***)

    2. Job Description
    - Install, upgrade, operate and maintain the database server.
    - Modify the database structure, as necessary, from information given by application developers.
    - Control and monitor users access to the database. Maintain database security.
    - Monitor and optimize performance of the database.
    - Backup / Restore Data and Database.
    - Build data processing process.
    - Generate various reports by querying from database.
    - Follow Information Security Policies.
    - To undertake miscellaneous IT tasks assigned by IT Manager.

    3. Benefits
    - Good salary.
    - Other benefit such as annual leave, social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to Vietnamese labor law
    - Offered necessary training for work.

    4. Contact information:
    - Tel: 043.5625855 - HR Dept.
    - Email: tuyendung@mocap.com.vn
    - Add: Room 804, 8th Floor, Thang Long Building, 105 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi

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