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    Dear All,

    The Representative Office of Berli Jucker PCL in HCMC is seeking for a Legal Counselor,

    Duties & Responsibilities :
    Analyze facts and documents in assigned areas of responsibility, providing legal advice on laws, rules and regulations and other related competent authorities to ensure the Company and affiliated companies’ compliance with legal requirements.
    Conduct Legal and tax research, draft correspondence, memoranda and reports with little supervision review.
    Review, draft, edit, interpret and negotiate a wide range of agreements and other legal documents in response to the Management and/or practice group requests
    Proceed with legal compliance to minimize legal risks. Institute preventive legal measures to safeguard Company and affiliated companies’ interests for existing business and projects.
    Provide suggestion to the direct and indirect commander regarding the preparation of legal documents or regulatory reports/filings in accordance with laws and regulatory standards.
    Assist the Group Legal & Compliance Department in supporting the Company and affiliated companies to comply with laws and mandatory requirements, ensuring effective compliance risk management controls & processes are in place to comply with regulatory requirements and company policies and procedures.
    Participate in client meetings and conference calls.
    Manage special projects as assigned and handle multiple tasks at any one time.
    Manage outside counsel projected fees and create a budget report.
    Perform tasks as assign by direct commander, Group Legal & Compliance Department and Management.
    Corporate secretarial works.

    + 5 year experience with law firm or as in-house lawyer for a foreign company
    + Good command of English and Vietnamese.
    + Knowledgeable with M&A Projects.
    + Age between 30 – 45

    Kindly send CV to chi.nguyen@bjc.co.th

    Thank you & best regards,

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