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    PackageSpecificationDelivery time
    Greenhouse1kg/Unit锛?1 Units/box锛夈€?.5kgFruit diameter: 28-30mmMarch - May
    Land1kg/Unit锛?1 Units/box锛夈€?.5kgFruit diameter: 28-30mmJune- August
    Remark1. Greenhouse cherries use traditional artificial pollination and bee pollination techniques, and are carefully cultivated with farm organic fertilizers. The fruit is large, the flesh is thick, and the taste is good.
    鈶?High-quality cherries in greenhouses: Mainly for high-end groups of gifts, retail pregnant women, children and people who pay attention to healthy eating awareness;
    鈶?Ordinary cherries in greenhouses: From the beginning of April to the end of May.
    2. Terrestrial cherries: Terrestrial cherries have high sugar content and high pulp density and can be stored until August.
    Fresh cherry is an early-maturing cherry variety. Generally, the flower buds swell in late March, bloom in mid-April, and mature in June. The fruit is large, the flesh is crisp but not soft, thick and juicy, the flavor is sweet and sour, and the soluble solid content is 19%. The nucleus is round, medium and large, and the edible rate is 92.3%. Storage and transportation. It has the characteristics of thick and short fruit stalk, hard meat, storage and transportation, low temperature resistance during flowering, many axillary flower buds, high yield, anti-cracking fruit, strong disease resistance, consistent maturity, and can be harvested at one time. Excellent variety of early-maturing cherries with excellent quality, firm flesh, good storage and transportation, and high yieldwholesale Cherry

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